Step 1

You can convert from traditional ways of managing cooking oils with outside dumpsters and five gallon containers.

Step 2

Our state of the art control wand will fill and empty a fryer with a push of a button, in just minutes. Our closed loop system means you will never have to handle hot, dirty oil or lug clean oil to the kitchen again

Step 3

  • With the Oilmatic system the kitchen staff will never have to handle hot oil in the open containers again.
  • Oilmatic will assure proper compliance with the disposal of used cooking oils
  • Automatic scheduling for pick up and delivery of oils
  • We maintain all of our equipment at no charge to the customer
  • We will custom install systems to meet the size and volume requirements
  • We offer and variety of oils to meet your cooking needs and specifications
  • Supplying superior service throughout the food service industry
  • Step 4

    New oil is delivered to your location and stored in a bulk tank designated for fresh cooking oil. Then conveniently dispensed at your fryers with the push of a button.

    Step 5

    Used oil is removed from the fryer through the DipstickTM and stored in a bulk tank designated for waste cooking oil. At the same time fresh oil is delivered, your waste tank is drained.