Product Overview

Our Company

The Oilmatic System is a bulk oil solution, designed to eliminate "all the work" associated with traditional fryer servicing. With the push of a button, quickly and safely extract waste oil and provide fresh oil to and from kitchen fryers.

The DipstickTM

Our patented handheld device makes fryer service easier than ever. Reduce employee training times and improve kitchen productivity, while eliminating all the hazards, storage and material packaging of tradition boxed oil. With drain and fill operation provided through the same unit, Oilmatic provides the industry's leading tool for simplified, safe and efficient fryer maintenance.

Cooking Oil Delivery

With two bulk storage tanks and an exterior fill box, cooking oil delivered and waste oil pickups have never been easier. Oilmatic's state-of-the art fleet of proprietary delivery vehicles will provide fast and reliable deliveries on a scheduled or as-needed basis.

Maintain superior inventory control, eliminate servicing hazards and packaging material waste, and simplify cooking oil deliveries and pickups through Oilmatic's automated and customized solutions.